Please find below an impression of our RF products and design capabilities.

The affordable FMCW surveillance radar. Reduces operational costs.

  • When networked ARFOS will give the operator  a complete overview of the site
  • Provides 360degree, 24/7 surveillance under all environmental conditions, tactical and non tactical, stationary or vehicle mounted
  • Detection range of individual radar  1 km2
  • Tracks people and vehicles and provides operator with location details
  • Features include  integrated communication
  • Can easily be integrated into existing systems

Tailormade, available for UAVs, offshore and other critical applications.

RFx Solutions can provide you with tailormade datalinks and integrate these into your platforms.

We have solutions for special requirements such as:

  • smart system architecture (built-in redundancy, UWB solutions)
  • low power consumption,
  • small size and low weight,
  • integration of the communication links into the structure of your platform

Often the antenna forms the critical path in communication networks. We know how to build a tailormade solution that performs.

  • Slotted wave guide antenna and frontend design at 868 MHz for logistics applications
  • Antenna and frontend design for RFID applications at 868 MHz
  • Broadband Monopole antenna design
  • Planair antenna design for 2,4 and 5 GHz WIFI applications
  • DRA antenna design for 2,4 and 5 GHz WIFI applications
  • Satcom antenna design for Inmarsat
  • L band radar antenna design
  • Multi band antenna design in S and C band for surveillance applications
  • Magnetic loop antenna design for Domotica applications
  • Antenna design in Glare material for Aerospace applications

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